Girls Class (ages 5-17)

Skater girls have taken over!

Join me for my beginners class for girls ages 5-17! This is a great option for young girls who are looking for community and representation in skateboarding.

When I first started skating it was a lonely journey being one of the only non-male skaters at the skatepark, which is what inspired me to create the Sk8Babes meet-ups. Women came from all over the east coast just to skate with people they could relate to and take up space at the park for once. 

Times have changed so much and women are finally getting the recognition and representation we deserve in the skateboarding scene.

More than ever young girls are encouraged and taught that they can do anything they put their mind to. It is so inspiring to see how skateboarding has adapted to the times. It's an honor for me to teach the next generation of skater girls <3 

Spring break is almost here and I will be hosting a girls skate camp! We will be meeting at the skatepark "Under the K" (Cherry St. and Stewart Ave.) and pickup at the skatepark down the street located at Sgt. William Dougherty Playground. Please pack water, snacks, and a lunch. $100 for four hours of skating!!!

Camp dates:


Tuesday 4/23

Wednesday 4/24

Thursday 4/25

Monday 4/29

Tuesday 4/30

*Helmet and pads are mandatory*

Email to book and for more information on the next class!