About Us

Posted by Olivia Collins on

Sk8babes is a community organization and social media platform serving women, bipoc and lgbtqia+ skaters aiming to promote inclusivity and encouraging diversity in skateboarding.

Founded by Liv Collins and Ang Caliwara in 2016, Sk8babes hosts events, free clinics and meet-ups in the NYC and Connecticut area. Our goal is to provide folks of all abilities a fun, welcoming and safe journey through skateboarding. 

When Liv and Ang first started Sk8Babes they had no idea where it would take them. It started off as an Instagram page to post their progress and skateboarding journey. Through their social media platform they were able to connect with non-traditional skaters, just like them, from all over the world!

In 2018 they hosted their first skateboarding clinic where their internet community was able to meet in person and finally shred together! From then on Sk8Babes continued to grow into more than just an instagram page. 

Over the years Sk8Babes has hosted 700+ participants in in-person events, continuing their mission of making skateboarding accessible to all people.